29 December 2011

Mini Donkeys

In this Christmas break we have been house hunting again.  We want a house with a bit of land cause we want to keep some animals; our cats of course and some chickens, but also some mini-donkeys. We read about them on the internet, but one has to see them in real before making such an important decision. So today we visited Falcoo Farm in Damme near Bruges were they breed mini-donkeys.

They have 34 mini-donkeys, from grey to dark chocolate brown and all as cute and fluffy. 

They are when fully grown only 75-82cm tall, so about as high as your hip. They love to be cuddled.

 They have such a sweet character, so now we're sure; 
we would love to have 2 someday ourselves. 

9 December 2011

Decemberwinkel 2011

Today this years edition of the Decemberwinkel opened it's doors. It's the second year I participate and it's the 3th edition. It always somewhere in the area of Kalmthout, this time in the village Heide, north of Antwerp and not far from the Dutch border.  I took some pictures so you can have a sneak in the shop, but I do hope you will go and see for yourself if you have the opportunity. There really is something for everyone, perfect place to do some Christmas shopping.

All info, links to artists websites, opening hours, map of  location, go to the Decemberwinkel website.

8 December 2011

Secret Santa 2011

There was a knock on the door this morning, it was the postman, he had a parcel for me :-) 
Always nice to receive parcels, especially if you don't know who they're from or what it is. I guessed it would be from my Secret Santa Swap partner and it was :-)  

For those who wonder what a Secret Santa Swap is; it is organised among the members by the Etsy European Street Team, who can sign up to send and receive a gift. You than receive the info about the person whom to send a gift too. And you receive a gift from another member.

This tumbled from the parcel:

A lovely postcard with sweet Christmas wishes, some nice chocolate and marzipan and last but not least a lovely handmade bag.

The bag has all these tiny pockets for organising ones jewellery.

Curious who send me this gift? It was send to me by Isodora, Eloise and Maria Angeles, who run this wonderful etsy shop. A big thanks to them for this nice surprise!