27 April 2013

Story Bowl: Group layout

Mostly I get commissioned to make story bowls for private people; This time I was asked to make a bowl representing a group layout. The bowl was a present to the group to remind them how they started all those weeks ago and how far they have come since. That they are now a team, rather than a group. The story bowl represents their starting point.

22 April 2013


With the new house came more land than we had before and even an indoor greenhouse. Time to show you some progress on this earth day.

The indoor greenhouse was a bit overgrown with a huge geranium, it had to go as we don't want flowers in there, just fruit and veggies. The neighbour took the geranium, so glad it found a new home. 

Tomatoes, strawberries and broccoli are growing there now instead. And there's still room for more. A kiwi, kiwi-berry, fig and grape survived the winter in there too, they will soon move outside once we decided were we want to plant them.

Outside we planted hazelnuts, raspberries, rhubarb, legumes and pumpkins. The last are home grown seedlings from seeds from the last pumpkin we bought and ate this winter.

Growing herbs from seeds as well, to be planted in bigger pots soon to give them room. 

The ribes will have to go at some point, for now it can stay, it buzzing with bumble bees :)

Some plums trees will need to find a place somewhere too, but probable only this autumn. We'll let the garden grow slowly on us to feel what's right.

Happy Mother Earth day!